pithukuf domesticated

Domestication at its most extreme. Sweet and savoury cakes - and a robe to make (but not to wear) while you're cooking.

Extreme sports involve the ultimate of preparation: mind, body, spirit and equipment honed to an edge capable of doing something quite miraculous, but that perhaps not too many people would try. Consider extreme domestic techniques in the same way. Not many people would want to attempt this sort of thing - to do it takes a special frame of mind, but these may be useful skills and techniques to have at your disposal on that one day when you really need them.

Actually, these new indexes are part of a site revamp, so only the robe is up so far. The recipes are still unformatted on emails. But, by the time you've seen how the robe is done, you may find yourself hoping that the recipes are a long time coming.

  • A Robe to Make and Treasure