Gardner's Book of Shadows
Notes and Index
As with many of us, Gerald Gardner continually revised the contents of what would now be commonly known as his "Book of Shadows". This means that there is no real "substantive version" and presenting several copies in a coherent form can be difficult. I have chosen to represent the various revisions as a grid, using the order of the sections in the 1949 material. This means that in the grid, some sections of the later versions appear out of their original order.
At the bottom of each individual page are a set of links. The centre of each set ("notes") takes you back to this index. If there's an earlier version of the same text, that link will be above "notes"; any later version will be below it.
Below the grid are four lists with the sections of each version in their original order. This is also the order of the left-to-right links at the bottom of the individual pages. The link to the left of "notes" takes you to the previous section, the one on the right to the next section.






The Warning


The Old Laws


The Meeting Dance


Forming the Circle

Casting the Circle


A Revision of the Casting Procedure

Casting and Charging


The Witches' Chant or Rune


On Chants

The Prose Charge

The Verse Charge

Drawing Down the Moon


"Lift Up the Veil"

Of the Ordeal of the Art Magical


The Priestess and the Sword


Properly Prepared


The Scourge and the Kiss


The Initiation - First Degree


The First-Degree Initiation


The Initiation - Second Degree


The Second-Degree Initiation


The Initiation - Third Degree


The Third-Degree Initiation


The Working Tools

Consecrating Tools


Cakes and Wine


Cakes and Wine


The Sabbat Rituals


The Sabbat Rituals


To Leave the Body




To Help the Sick




To Gain the Sight


The Eightfold Way

The Eightfold Path or Ways


Sections in the Original Order