Dance with the Lady... click to hear the tune

Dance with the Lady as another day is born
And with Her cast aside the chill of early morn
Dance with Her while you may
The meeting dance to greet the day
And stand in wonder at the glory of the dawn

Dance with the Lady in the long sweet afternoon
Friendship and harmony within the gentle tune
Dance with Her while you may
With joy complete the roundelay
Of purple ritual within the perfect rune

Dance with the Lady with the full moon's light around
Rapture and fellowship throw shadows on the ground
Dance with Her while you may
A circle dance to seal the play
Of life and hope within the freedom that we've found

Dance with the Lady 'neath a new moon hid from sight
Without the darkness there's no comfort in the light
Dance with her while you may
She'll lead us in Her ancient way
Just take her hand then and dance on into the night I went out to Lyonesse

copyright © pithukuf, 2000